Access Solutions™

Our new suite of membership programs.

Introducing Access Solutions

Welcome to an on-demand world, where a new set of life expectations requires a new set of solutions. From in-demand executives to spur-of-the-moment flyers, this is an era of highly-personalized experiences and smart solutions, focused on value and service.

On July 1, 2017, we will be upgrading our core experience by making a few changes to our membership programs that we think you'll like. This webpage will serve as an all-encompassing guide to answer any of your questions during this transition. As always, your dedicated Aviation Advisor can provide additional details of our new membership programs.

About Access Solutions

Over the last decade, we have fiercely advocated on your behalf for a better private jet experience. Gone are the days of rigid and capital intensive legacy programs. Our commitment to you is simple: personal, flexible, and on-demand solutions tailored around your needs, not ours. On July 1, we are introducing Access Solutions, a newly minted suite of membership programs, to better serve your exacting needs.

At XOJET, we've built an Advise & Serve business model. Fundamentally, it's a relentless focus on personal service and flawless execution. Benefits include access to our smart programs and diverse aircraft options, including our owned fleet and partner network. XOJET Private Client Services is a team of 80 dedicated Aviation Advisors and Client Service professionals available 24/7, backed by our Operations Command Center of FAA-certified experts. This will soon include cutting-edge digital tools to streamline every facet of your flight.

Access Solutions is a three-tier subscription-based product portfolio that takes into consideration every flyer's journey. From occasional flyers to the most sophisticated, XOJET offers a unique solution for each.