The Cessna Citation X is one of the fastest private jets in the world. With a cruise speed up to Mach 0.92, fly between New York and Los Angeles in approximately 4 hours in a comfortable 8-passenger cabin.

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Cessna Citation X

The Cessna Citation X defines the super mid-size private aircraft category.

With a top speed of Mach 0.92 (600 miles an hour), the Citation X is the one of the fastest commercial aircraft avaible on the market. Powered by massive Rolls-Royce engines originally designed for commercial airliners, the Citation X private aircraft covers one mile every six seconds, shrinking a Los-Angeles-to-New-York flight to just four hours—an hour faster than conventional business jets.

With coast-to-coast range and efficiency, the Citation X can effectively serve both your regional and transcontinental needs.

Like every aircraft in the XOJET private fleet, all of our Citation X jets are 100% Wi-Fi equipped.


The Aircraft

  • Citation X top view
  • Citation X cabin view
  • Citation X side view
  • Citation X front view

Citation X Interior

Cabin Description
Inside each XOJET Citation X you'll find a haven of sophisticated comfort featuring exotic wood finishes and leather seats. For extended trips, the seats can be quickly converted into true beds.

Cabin Specifications
Passenger seats: 8
Length (excluding cockpit): 29.42 ft (8.97 m)
Height: 5.67 ft (1.73 m)
Width: 5.50 ft (1.68 m)

Luggage Capacity
72 ft3 (2.04 m3)

Fly coast to coast non-stop With a Citation X, you can easily cover meetings on both coasts and return home the same evening, while your competitors are still in the air somewhere over Kansas.