Hawker 800XP

Hawker 800XP

For mid-range flights, the Hawker 800XP is a stylish and comfortable private aircraft. The Hawker 800XP is one of the most popular mid-size private jet aircraft in the world, delivering the value you want for mid-range flights without any compromise in luxury or flying experience.

We have completely upgraded and customized the Hawker 800XP private aircraft to our exacting standards. The spacious cabin has been elegantly redesigned to meet the demands of our clients, with in-flight Wi-Fi, and completely updated interiors for superior comfort.

For an economical, comfortable trip on mid-range private flights, the Hawker 800XP fleet available through our Partner Network is the perfect way to fly.

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The Aircraft

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Hawker 800XP Interior

Cabin Description
With a height of 5'9", a width of 6' and a flat floor, the Hawker 800XP boasts the largest cabin in its class.

Cabin Specifications

Passenger seats: 8
Length (excluding cockpit): 21.4 ft (6.52 m)
Height: 5.9 ft (1.8 m)
Width: 6 ft (1.83 m)

Luggage Capacity
49.5 ft3 (1.4 m3) and 395 lbs. (179 kg)
Holds the equivalent of up to 8 roller bags (carry-on size)

Hawker 800XP Specifications

General Capacity
Crew: 2
Typical seating: 6 to 8

Length: 51.17 ft (15.6 m)
Wingspan: 54.33 ft (16.56 m) with winglets
Maximum Tail Height: 18.08 ft (5.5 m)

AlliedSignal TFE731-5BR
Thrust: 4,660 lb (20.7 kN)
Flat rated to: ISA + 15°C (30°C/86°F)

Airfield Performance
Takeoff distance: 5,032 ft (1,534 m)
Landing distance: 2,600 ft (792 m)

Honeywell Primus 1000 EFIS avionics suite with four displays

NBAA IFR Range: 2,572 nm (4,763 km)
Typical: 1,999-2,433 nm (3,702-4,506 km)
(6 pax/2 crew and maximum fuel)

Operating Altitude
Maximum operating altitude: 41,000 ft (12,497 m)
Initial cruise altitude (MGTOW): 37,000 ft (11,278 m)

High speed: 536 mph (863 kph)
Typical cruise speed: 466-536 mph (750-863 kph)