Smart solutions for business:
XOJET Enterprise

XOJET Enterprise offers custom-designed flight solutions that meet the needs of today's business flyers.

XOJET Enterprise™ - Private Aviation Solutions Designed for BusinessSmart Solutions for Business: XOJET Enterprise.

XOJET works with a wide array of Fortune 500 companies and other leading companies across finance, technology, entertainment and media sectors to meet their unique flying demands. Whether you are looking for a partner to provide supplemental lift to complement your in-house fleet, add a super mid-size aircraft option to your portfolio or outsource your private flying needs, we can help.

Why Businesses Choose XOJET

  • Access: Our Enterprise programs are designed so you never experience sliding on departures and you are guaranteed lift—even on peak travel days.
  • Guaranteed recovery: Because we own and operate our own fleet of super mid-size private jets, we recover faster than other providers in the event of mechanicals or weather.
  • Maximum flexibility: Enjoy 365-day guaranteed availability and the ability to shift aircraft options based on your needs.
  • A consistent high-touch experience: We guarantee superior service, safety and comfort on every one of our business jets. In addition, all of our XOJET private jets feature complimentary Wi-Fi Internet access.
  • Highest safety ratings: XOJET continues to earn high safety ratings from the FAA and leading audit organizations ARG/US, Wyvern, and IS-BAO.

How it Works

  • Our team will work with you to conduct a needs assessment to determine the best program options to fit your business.
  • We will customize a private flight program for your requirements.
  • Our Private Aviation Advisors will build passenger profiles for each of your executives, noting travel preferences.
  • Planning and booking flights is seamless—our Private Aviation Advisors will do all the work and can arrange logistics like catering and ground transportation.