Smart flight programs
Designed for You.

Carefully designed, custom-tailored flight programs for the most sophisticated flyers in the industry. XOJET offers three distinct flight programs to meet the needs of today's flyers.

Private Flight ProgramsSmart Flight Programs Designed for You.

XOJET's suite of on-demand, private flight solutions enables modern day flyers to meet their flying needs with less hassle and more flexibility than ever before. That means no more upfront costs, rigid terms, bloated bottom lines and long-term commitments. Now you fly when you want and how you want, and you only pay for the time and features you use. Welcome to a new era of private aviation.

XOJET Preferred Access™

Preferred Access™ provides priority access to our private jet fleet while letting you optimize your price by making a few simple choices about the travel options that matter most to you.

XOJET Elite Access™

XOJET Elite Access™ is designed for flyers who have demanding schedules and minimal flexibility around how and when they fly.

XOJET Enterprise™

We work with flight departments, travel departments and procurement teams to design bespoke programs that meet your company's private aviation needs.


With XOJET private flight programs, you'll enjoy all the benefits of private jet ownership with none of the risks.

  • Priority Access. Our clients receive priority or guaranteed access to the XOJET private jet fleet.
  • No residual value exposure. Unused portions of any XOJET private flight program are fully refundable.
  • No extraneous fees. Leave behind the usual re-marketing, positioning and exit fees. Depending on the program you choose, you won't be charged peak-day premiums or ferry charges, either.

You'll also get a consistently top-notch experience.

  • Complimentary Wi-Fi. All of our Challenger 300 and Citation X private jets are equipped with reliable Wi-Fi service, so you can stay connected and use your time effectively while in the air.
  • Consistent high-touch service. You'll enjoy the same top-notch service on every XOJET private jet flight.
  • Personalized planning. Work with your dedicated Private Aviation Advisor—available 24x7—to plan and coordinate your private flights, catering and ground transportation.