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Meet Butterfield & Robinson

Slow down to see the world.

Now when your XOJET private jet touches down abroad, there's someone special waiting: Butterfield & Robinson, the world-renowned luxury active travel company. Like us, they never wanted to be the biggest—just the best. Their meticulous preparations, VIP access, unusual hidden travel gems and bespoke brilliance are legend. And with a reputation for having the most talented team of Trip Designers in the industry, we trust them to create incredible journeys based on your interests and timing. So they're the perfect people to whisk XOJET clients into the heart of Europe on command.

As with any XOJET experience, your timing and tastes set the scene. B&R will handle the rest:

  • Deep local immersion
  • VIP access
  • Exceptional, unique hotels
  • Incredible food and wine
  • Multi-lingual guides
  • Stunning routes
  • Worry-free everything
  • 24/7 support

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