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The Best Expertise in Medicine

Summus helps families get access to the best medical insights, quickly. They designed a different healthcare experience—a personalized service with the best expertise at your fingertips. Spend less time fearing the unknown and more time feeling confident that you’ve connected with a leading specialist physician in a matter of days, not weeks. The Summus platform has attracted world-class physicians and members who value singular access to the best expertise—and now, their world-class service is available to program clients at no charge*.

Benefits of Summus Membership

  • Summus concierge provides high-touch, intelligent service throughout your case
  • Dedicated in-house Summus MD serves as your trusted advisor on physician selection, medical records gathering, and preparation for each consultation
  • Consult via secure video or voice with a handpicked network of over 2,000 exceptional physicians across the US healthcare system
  • Connect within days, not weeks, all through a secure, technology-enabled platform

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