Discover the land of plenty
Napa Valley

Bliss in Your Own Backyard

Meandering walking trails and world-class vineyards exist only a few hours from bustling San Francisco. Venture into Northern California, take in rolling landscapes of tidy vineyards with backdrops of golden hillocks. In Napa and Sonoma counties, you're likely to find a mom-and-pop winery next to a world-famous appellation and a country store stuffed with antiques kitty-corner to a world-class hotel.

Day by Day

  • Pedal along quite country roads past ranches and farms, while exploring world renowned wineries, rolling green hills, gourmet restaurants and cafés.
  • Spend time with passionate vintners, do vertical tastings and have an unforgettable gourmet picnic.
  • Experience meals worthy of the world-class wine that accompanies them; dine at Farmhouse Inn's Michelin-starred restaurant and Charlie Palmer's Dry Creek Kitchen.

Insider Access: Napa Valley

With Prohibition California's population of grape-growing Italians, who considered wine the elixir of life, regarded the law as inexplicable madness. Count the Rafanelli family among them. Fortunately that particular period of American history was short-lived, and today the Rafanellis' 85 acres of vineyards yield 11,000 cases of wine annually. And fortunately for us, they're willing to share with friends with a private vertical tasting and tour.

From The Slow Road, the blog of Butterfield & Robinson

Vines 101: A History of Napa Valley Wine

Today, the Napa Valley thrives on being on the cutting edge in both wine making and production, with a fruitful future ahead.

The Patrimonial Passion of A. Rafanelli

An Italian immigrant, Alberto Rafanelli first founded A. Rafanelli Winery in the early 1900s.