American splendor

American Splendor

America's most stunning and natural playground is found in the Southwest, and Utah in particular is home to the highest concentration of slot canyons—striking natural crevices honed over time by the effects of water and wind erosions—found anywhere on earth. Explore the mysterious beauty and geological variance that this amazing part of the country has to offer; sandstone reds and deep sky blues come together with canyons, cliffs, mesas and lakes to create a contrasting and dramatic canvas.

Day by Day

  • Upon arrival, take in the iconic view of the Colorado River from the Horseshoe Bend overlook. Mount your bike for a scenic descent to Lake Powell and across the Glen Canyon Dam, then head back to the amazing Amangiri resort for a poolside lunch.
  • A sightseeing flight overlooking Bryce Canyon National Park, plus bike over the Paria River into the otherworldly Kodachrome Basin, named for its vibrant colors reminiscent of Kodak film.
  • Another short scenic flight takes us to the Grand Canyon. Explore South Kaibab Trailhead on foot before returning to Amangiri for a short sunset horseback ride to a private alfresco dinner. The extraordinary natural amphitheater setting is complete with a bonfire and stories by a local Navajo leader.

Insider Access: Utah

The spectacular and award-winning Amangiri is your homebase and its setting inspires getting in touch with Mother Earth. A private yoga and meditation session is offered in the pavilion studio. Floor to ceiling windows open to the 156 million year old mesa that surrounds the spa and proffers a view of stunning, raw landscape that will stir the soul.

From The Slow Road, the blog of Butterfield & Robinson

Utah Adventuring: A Stroke of Genius

As it turns out, Utah has way more to offer than skiing and snowboarding. In fact, avoiding the slopes and exploring its canyons may well be a stroke of genius.