It's time to
Take Command.®

We serve leaders—commanders of industry who want as much control over their travel experience as possible. So we're building a private aviation company that empowers you to do just that. How?

No. 1

Let's put Passengers
Before Planes

Our clients need what they need when they need it—whether that means flying at a moment's notice, or sharing a seat with their best friend. So instead of wasting time talking about planes and programs let's just focus on what matters: giving you as much control over your travel experience as possible.

Passengers before planes

No. 2

Dream up ways to make private personal

Every passenger should feel like they are our only passenger. For our pilots and advisors this might mean tracking down a rare vintage, securing the right kind of car service, or adapting to last minute changes in the middle of the night. Our clients are the commanders of their flight and every commander is unique.

Make Private Personal

No. 3

Have a smart flight

Being in command means staying on top of everything—work, family, travel. Our clients want an inflight experience that's more than just comfortable, they need technology to stay connected. We were the first private operator with free Wi-Fi Internet across our entire fleet, and we're continuing to develop new ways to make life at 45,000 ft. seamless.

Have a Smart Flight

No. 4

we're going to elevate value

We believe in delivering exactly what clients want, even if everybody wants something different. XOJET doesn't offer restrictive programs or demand up-front financial obligations—real value comes from letting clients choose how they want to fly. One-stop shopping, more attractive prices and greater transparency.

We are going to elevate value

No. 5

Fly beautifully

Travel—even business travel—should always provide the opportunity to discover new ideas, see different perspectives, have unique experiences. Our connections within the hospitality, fashion and entertainment industries enable clients to encounter something new on every trip.

Fly Beautifully

Who is XOJET?

We are unlike any other private aviation company out there. Most operators are focused on planes and programs. XOJET is completely obsessed with what really matters: passengers. And our goal is to constantly and fiercely advocate on behalf of our clients; to empower them to have more control and a better overall experience.

Whether that's customizing a flight solution, taking care of special requests, providing transparent advice, or offering the best in-cabin experience the industry has to offer—XOJET is committed to enabling you to do one thing: Take Command.