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FleetSafety and Standards

XOJET Aviation Pilots

Pilots are commanders of the sky. Each of XOJET Aviation's 170+ pilots have been carefully selected from the best in the industry—averaging more than 7,500 hours of flight time. Every XOJET Aviation flight is under the command of two full-time, type-rated, FAA-recognized captains, meeting stringent requirements that exceed FAA standards. Pilots undergo semi-annual, recurrent training, which emphasizes scenario-based simulations of operationally challenging airports, including mountain destinations.

Operations Command Center

Based in Sacramento, California, XOJET Aviation's 21,000 square foot and round-the-clock operations center is home to over 100 team members. From the Chief Pilot's office to Maintenance Control experts, each team supports the safe execution of your flight. With a Wi-Fi-equipped fleet, every flight maintains live communication with the Operations Command Center to proactively identify operational variables and implement solutions in real-time.

Rigorous Maintenance

All aircraft maintenance is completed to manufacturer specifications by top tier vendors, under the supervision of XOJET Aviation's highly trained Field Service Supervisors. In between scheduled maintenance events, we have implemented key inspection checkpoints and service measures to enhance the reliability of the fleet. Additionally, all expert teams participate in Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) advisory boards to exchange data and collectively improve the fleet reliability.


Average Flight Hours

logged by the industry’s most highly trained experienced captains.


XOJET Aviation jets

well-equipped, world-class aircraft operated by XOJET Aviation


XOJET Aviation Pilots

the industry’s best in personal service and uncompromising safety.


Destination Pairs

served on-demand by a world-class fleet.


Flights since 2006

with the highest fleet utilization in the industry.


Flights Flown

last year alone, serving more than 67,500 passengers.

IS-BAO Stage 3

Recognized globally, the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations Stage 3 is considered the world's most prestigious safety rating. The rating thoroughly audits an operator's flight department and effectiveness.

ARG/US Platinum

The highest safety rating awarded by ARG/US International, and awarded to operators who demonstrate the ability to implement the industry's best safety practices relative to their operations and maintenance.

Wyvern Wingman

The prestigious Wyvern Wingman rating, developed by Wyvern Consulting firm, is awarded to aviation operators who completed challenging compliance and risk assessment practice audits within a preceding year.