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Membership with XOJET

XOJET Access Solutions™ is a three-tier subscription-based product portfolio that takes into consideration every flyer’s journey. From occasional flyers to the most sophisticated frequent flyers, XOJET Select Access™, Preferred Access®, and Elite Access™ offer three distinct and customized options for Membership.

Ad-Hoc Charter

XOJET is the only private jet company that offers on-demand service and dynamic pricing for popular flights between 22,000 destination pairs on our fleet of Challenger 300 and Citation X super-mid jets, supplemented by our Preferred Partner Network. Work directly with Aviation Advisors to find the best aircraft, backed by XOJET’s service operations infrastructure on every Charter.

Corporate Access

XOJET Corporate Access offers custom-designed flight solutions that meet the needs of today's business flyers. We work with flight departments, travel departments and procurement teams to complement in-house fleets, or design bespoke programs that meet the private aviation needs of your Corporate Access.