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Aviation Advisors

XOJET Advisors quarterback the expert team curating each flight, coordinating catering, ground transportation, and concierge services. Backed by client services and operations teams in the Systems Operations Control Center, they tailor logistics, flight operations, and hospitality to optimize every flight experience.

Client Services

Behind our front-end team of 40 Aviation Advisors are 40 additional Client Service professionals tasked with delivering an unparalleled experience day and night. Allow us to elevate every moment of your flight experience from coordinating catering, ground transportation, and concierge services. No request is too little or too big for our team, who is committed to curating each flight to your liking.


XOJET Aviation pilots are commanders of the sky. Each has been carefully selected from the best in the industry – averaging more than 7,500 hours of flight time. Every XOJET flight is under the command of two full-time, type-rated FAA-recognized captains, meeting stringent requirements that exceed FAA standards. Throughout your flight, your personal pilots will ensure a comfortable flight and safe arrival.

Our Commitment to You

“To be the trusted advisor and service provider of choice to the most sophisticated private aviation consumers, both businesses and individuals. ”Our Mission