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Zina Malhotra

Senior Aviation Sales Advisor

Zina Malhotra joined XOJET in October 2012 where she originally worked in the Maintenance Control Department for one year prior to joining the Sales team in July of 2013. Zina started her Sales career in San Francisco and is now back in her hometown of Sacramento, CA, home of XOJET’s System Operations Control Center.

Prior to joining XOJET, Zina earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy and Communications from the University of California, Davis.

Aside from her love of XOJET, Zina is a certified spin instructor and loves being a source of motivation for her riders. Anyone who knows Zina knows she has a strong passion for food and wine—and has her family to thank for that! When she is not serving her clients, or riding a spin bike, you can find her at her family's vineyard enjoying a glass of wine in the heart of Calistoga, CA.

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