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XOJET CEO Brad Stewart Discusses the Private Airline Industry

Oct 05, 2017
Brad Stewart, CEO of XOJET, joins Bloomberg Radio where he offers insight on why he feels the private airline industry could be trending towards a healthier supply-demand marketplace in the future and also touches on the recent rise in charter demand.

These Private-Plane Players Want to Make Luxury Flying Cheaper

Sep 30, 2017
Once upon a time, really rich people bought their own planes. Later, other rich people realized they could buy shares in a jet instead of owning one. Today, alternatives to commercial air travel are entering the Uber age, making airplane travel an on-demand perk as accessible - and sometimes almost as affordable - as ordering up a car.

XOJET Partners with Canyon Ranch

Sep 29, 2017
XOJET is once again elevating the private jet experience for its growing membership base with more benefits and unique access to the world's most distinguished brands. The addition of Canyon Ranch is part of XOJET’s continued evolution as a retail enterprise and the leading provider of aviation solutions for today's sophisticated travelers.

XOJET Flies into Spa, Wellness Sector to Appeal to Consumers

Sep 28, 2017
Private aviation charter XOJET is partnering with a known wellness authority as consumer interest continues to gravitate toward health and mindfulness practices. Affluent customers are becoming more interested in wellness in both nutrition and fitness, making this partnership especially beneficial.