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XOJET Gives Wing to the Traditional College Campus Road Trip

Sep 10, 2018
College admissions season is a stressful time, to say the least. Navigating Byzantine application processes, visiting campuses, and agonizing over the final choice weigh heavily on both students and parents alike. And while there’s no magic wand that will take those worries out of the equation, XOJET and its partner Mandarin Oriental are here to work their own brand of sorcery to at least take the logistics off your plate and let you and your child focus on the important things.

Live the Jet-Set Life at These Residences Near Private Airports

Sep 06, 2018
“Whether traveling home from a business trip or taking off for a vacation, the beauty of flying privately is ease of accessibility, seamless travel, and the ability to arrive and depart just steps from your destination,” says James Henderson, president of commercial operations at XOJET. If flying is a regular part of your routine, it makes sense to take distance from the airport into account when purchasing a property. From Turks and Caicos to New Jersey, the following residential developments are located near private airports (or terminals), which makes it easy to jet off at a moment’s notice.

Families are Paying up to a Year's Tuition at a time to do College Tours by Private Jet

Sep 05, 2018
Private jet chartering company XOJET is offering a bundled $30,000 round-trip package to big college cities like Atlanta, Boston, and New York, but it can cost up to six figures if families visit more than one hub. They partnered with luxury hotel chain Mandarin Oriental to provide a one-bedroom suite and college counselor consultation as well.

You Don't Need A Private Jet To Enjoy These Private Jet Blogs

Sep 01, 2018
XOJET’s blog is called Arrive and it visits everything from private aviation safety to a profile on the women the company has in leadership positions and an interview with a made-to-measure Italian tailor. For golfers, there’s an interview with the president of Pinehurst. There are also travel ideas, including a VIP way to take the kids to Disney. There are company updates from CEO Bradley Stewart as well as news about partners and the perks they offer members.

Taking the College Tour by Private Jet

Aug 31, 2018
One of the newest tour services will be started after Labor Day by XOJET, a private jet chartering company, which plans to transport students and their families to five college hubs: Atlanta, Boston, Miami, New York and Washington. The service is being offered in a partnership with Mandarin Oriental hotels and Ms. Siegel.

XOJET CEO Brad Stewart Joins the Connected Aircraft Podcast

Aug 29, 2018
Brad Stewart joins the Connected Aircraft Podcast to talk about how the on-demand model is up over fractional, XOJET's partnership with JetSmarter, and his predictions for the industry.