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Kriste Hauswirth

Director of Operations

As XOJET's Director of Operations, Kriste Hauswirth is responsible for leading and overseeing XOJET's unsurpassed level of safety and customer service, executed through highly experienced flight crew and exceptional safety and training programs, as well as industry-leading team involvement among the pilot group, training department and senior leadership.

Ms. Hauswirth joined XOJET in 2003, and is a captain on the Citation X and Challenger 300. She has held various roles in our company's history and throughout our growth, including Check Airman, Assistant Chief Pilot, Director of System Operations and Director of Training. She has also been actively involved in the ASAP safety reporting program since its inception at XOJET.

Prior to XOJET, Ms. Hauswirth worked as a pilot at a major airline and in corporate aviation. Ms. Hauswirth holds a B.S in aeronautical science from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

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