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Skye Ropke

Chief Pilot

As XOJET Chief Pilot, Skye Ropke is responsible for leading and overseeing XOJET's highly experienced flight crews. He is responsible for the regulatory compliance of air operations and serves as the liaison between XOJET flight crews and all other operations groups ensuring crew standardization.

Mr. Ropke joined XOJET in 2006 as a pilot and is qualified as a Captain on the Challenger 300. He has over 20 years of flying experience and over 10,000 hours. He has held a number of leadership positions at XOJET, most recently as Assistant Chief Pilot, Duty Officer and Team Lead. He also assisted in the pilot recruiting team and has been working with various other departments developing processes and procedures.

Prior to XOJET, Mr. Ropke was a Captain in the airline industry for Atlantic Coast Airlines and Independence Air.

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