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Passenger Regulations

Last Updated: January 1, 2016

1. General. At all times during your carriage, you have a duty to behave in a manner which is not likely to:

1.1 contravene any applicable laws or regulations while on-board any flight operated by us;
1.2 endanger, or threaten (whether by hoax threats or otherwise) the Charter Aircraft or any person or property;
1.3 injure or prejudice the health of other persons aboard the Charter Aircraft or create the risk or threat of injury or damage to health;
1.4 cause distress to, or be complained of as materially objectionable to, other persons aboard the Charter Aircraft, such conduct includes, for example, harassment, molestation, sexual assault or abuse;
1.5 cause, or be likely to cause, loss of or damage to our property or that of other persons aboard the Charter Aircraft;
1.6 obstruct, hinder or interfere with the crew in the performance of their duties; or
1.7 contravene any instruction or direction of the crew (whether oral or by notice) lawfully issued for the purpose of the safety or security of the Charter Aircraft and of persons or property and/or the comfort or convenience of passengers, including, instructions concerning safety, security, seating, seat belts, smoking, consumption of alcohol or use of drugs, use of electronic equipment including, but not limited to, cellular telephones, laptop computers, PDAs, portable recorders, portable radios, CD, DVD and MP3 players, electronic games or transmitting devices (for example, radio controlled toys and walkie talkies).

2. Searches and Baggage; Compliance with Law.
2.1 We reserve the right to subject you and your baggage to security screening and neither we nor our employees or agents are liable for any damage, loss, delay (including for refusal to transport), confiscation of property, injury, or other harm relating to or arising out of security screening or your refusal to submit to security screening. Furthermore, you must allow security checks, searches, and scans of your person by us, our handling agents, government officials, airport officials, police or military officials, and if you do not allow all such security checks, searches, and scans to be conducted, we may refuse to carry you and your baggage.
2.2 You may not carry in your baggage any items or goods that may constitute firearms or weapons except in accordance with applicable federal laws and regulations, or any other materials we believe in our sole discretion may endanger the Charter Aircraft, its crew, or other passengers.
2.3 Federal law forbids the carriage of hazardous materials aboard aircraft. Hazardous materials include explosives, compressed gases including oxygen, flammable/combustible liquids and solids, oxidizers and organic peroxides, poisons, radioactive material, corrosive material, magnetized material, medical/scientific pharmaceuticals with potential infectious agent, undeclared firearms, undeclared ammunition, undeclared dry ice, undeclared lithium batteries, undeclared self-defense spray, undeclared CO2 cartridges, undeclared mercury and undeclared large voltage batteries or spillable batteries.
2.4 You must comply with all applicable federal laws and regulations while on-board any flight operated by us.

3. On Board Alcohol. You are not allowed to consume alcohol aboard the Charter Aircraft (however obtained) unless it has been served to you by us. We have the right, at any time for any reason, to refuse to serve alcohol or to withdraw alcohol which has been served.

4. Smoking Policy. Smoking is not permitted on any of our flights. Furthermore, federal law also prohibits smoking in an airplane lavatory and tampering with, disabling, or destroying any smoke detector in any airplane lavatory.

5. Breach of Duty. If we reasonably believe that you have failed to fully observe all of the duties placed on you by these Regulations:
5.1 we may report the matter to any relevant police or other enforcement authority;
5.2 we may take such measures as we consider necessary to prevent the continuation or repetition of the offending conduct including, for example, physical restraint and/or removal of you from the Charter Aircraft and/or refusal to carry you after a stopover (whether made for the purpose of removing you from the Charter Aircraft or otherwise);
5.3 we may decide to refuse to carry you at any time in the future;
5.4 you will reimburse us for any costs we incur in order to: (a) repair or replace property lost, damaged or destroyed by you; (b) compensate any passenger or crew member affected by your actions; and (c) divert the Charter Aircraft for the purpose of removing you from the Charter Aircraft;
5.5 you will pay us any cancellation charges payable pursuant to the terms of your XOJET Preferred Access Agreement or Trip Quote, if applicable.