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MembershipXOJET Elite Access™

Withdraw your funds at any time – pay on a per-flight basis – your funds never expire
Guaranteed flights with minimum advanced notice on peak and non-peak days
No cancellation fees if changes are made with advanced notice
You are never penalized for over or under flying
Pay on a per-flight basis with one easy, all-in hourly rate
Enjoy the highest level of access to three jet class types: light, mid-size, and super mid-size
A dedicated Aviation Advisor who works relentlessly on your behalf
Luxurious in-flight service, including complimentary catering and no de-icing fees
Challenger 300Citation X

Challenger 300

The spacious, sleek and modern Bombardier Challenger 300 aircraft comfortably seats up to 9 passengers and offers the most cabin space in its class. The Challenger 300 was designed for true coast-to-coast flying, with a range up to 6 hours in flight time. Learn more about the Challenger 300.

Citation X

The Cessna Citation X defines the super mid-size private aircraft category, and is one of the fastest private jets in the world. With a cruise speed up to Mach 0.92, fly between New York and Los Angeles in approximately 4 hours in a comfortable 8-passenger cabin. Learn more about the Citation X

One-Time Initiation Fee
Monthly Membership Fee
Pricing / Rates
Flight Reward
Catering Credit
Priority Fleet Access
Guaranteed Fleet Access
Personal Aviation Advisor
Dedicated Client Services
Global Partner Benefits


$5,500 / Hour & 1 Hour Minimum


$6,750 / Hour & 1 Hour Minimum

Super Mid-Size

$8,500 / Hour & 1.5 Hour Minimum

Long Range

Dynamically Priced